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Learn about what’s happening at APH including news, product launches, and stories from the community.

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Latest News from APH

three children on the floor of a living room with a Google Home device. text reads

Math Flash on Amazon Alexa!

We’ve taken our popular electronic flashcard software Math Flash and combined it with fun audio feedback and a snarky personality...

an outline drawing of the intestines with food items set within the boundaries. test reads

The Long Journey of Your Food

Appropriate for K-12 After measuring it, you would be surprised at how far food travels through the body after it...

close up of hands on a keyboard, screen is out of focus

Get the Digital Manuals You Need from APH

Are you looking for a manual for one of our products? We provide all of our digital manuals listed by...

a mother and young son in glasses sitting in an arm chair reading a book. text reads

Read Along With Dolly Parton

Join Dolly Parton online as she reads Llama Llama Red Pajama, one of many books she is reading from her...

logo for Practice2Master Fractions. text reads

Free and Fun Fraction App!

Being away from school and teachers doesn’t mean your child’s math skills have to get rusty. You can help your...

Two students using the MATT Connect. Text reads

Getting the Most Out of Your MATT Connect

Whether you’re a parent of a child with low vision, or an adult experiencing vision loss, you may be looking...