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Learn about what’s happening at APH including news, product launches, and stories from the community.

Smiling student at a laptop

Latest News from APH

A student uses both hands to touch a tactile graphic of an apple displayed on the Monarch's multiline refreshable braille display.

Monarch Student Pilot Project Takes Flight

Earlier this year, APH focused on training more than 200 teachers across the country on the Monarch. They, in turn,...

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Feet Athlete Powerlifter Weightlifting Knee Wraps Support

Cody’s Story: Power Lifting

by Cody Colchado My name is Cody and I currently work as a motivational speaker, strength & conditioning coach, high...

Young woman practices yoga

Corrina’s Story: Ballet, Cheerleading, Rock Climbing, and Yoga

by Corrina Veesart I am a 33-year-old woman who is deafblind; I grew up loving a wide array of recreational...

boys high school cross country team running in a group

Ryan’s Story: Running

by Ryan Ollis As a person who is deafblind, I have had the opportunity to live in three worlds: the...

Windsurfing Competition

Bruce’s Story: Traveling

by Bruce Visser I was born with hearing loss and, as I grew up, slowly became deaf; as a teenager,...

The shoes of running children

Jason’s Story: Running

by Jason Corning I am hard-of-hearing and have acromatopsia, which means I have difficulty seeing in bright light. I use...

ice hockey sport players in action

Sarah’s Story: Ice Hockey and Tae kwon do

Sarah K. McMillen Ice Hockey I grew up in Albany, New York, and attended a mainstream school in Albany; I...