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Building Your Language Arts Toolkit

A sample of the contents of the kit including book, tray, binder, felt board, and velcro braille syllables

Language Arts is a foundational class for all students because it teaches essential skills such as reading, writing, speaking, and active listening. Compiled in this blog is a list of products that can help empower any student who is blind or low vision in a Language Arts classroom!

  • Word PlayHouse: Manipulate Braille/print tiles on a felt board to make words and teach phonics and reading skills.

Word PlayHouse kit laid out including binder, black felt boards, and yellow and white word manipulatives.


  • What is IT Kit, UEB: An Instruction Booklet for The Why, How and What of IT – helps children develop real images related to descriptive terminology and words.
  • Moving Ahead Storybooks: These storybooks introduce symbolic representation, more complex illustrations, and an increased emphasis on text by combining tactile pictures, print/braille text, and a fun story.
  • Building on Patterns (BOP): BOP is a systematic, comprehensive, and balanced literacy program designed to teach young children (through second grade) with visual impairments to read and write using braille.
  • Tactile Book Builder Kit: Contains a wide selection of materials enabling users to quickly custom-make books of many kinds—firsthand experience storybooks, concept books, simple texture books, informational books, alphabet books, adaptations of print books, and more!

Hands cutting a piece of green art foam. On the table is an open binder with pages decorated in tactile craft elements.


  • CVI Book Builder Kit: Parents and teachers can build individualized books specific to the needs of their Cerebral/Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI) reader with this book-making kit.
  • On The Way to Literacy (OTWL) Books: On the Way to Literacy Storybooks with Raised-Line Drawings.
  • LDQR Books: Storybooks containing richly textured collage-style illustrations with interactive features that are visually attractive and have appeal for all young learners.
  • All Aboard! The Sight Word Activity Express: This interactive and versatile set of magnetic print/braille labels will get your student excited and on the fast track to learning high-frequency sight words and common nouns.
  • I-M-ABLE Kit: The I-M-ABLE book and accompanying kit materials are designed to motivate, engage, and reward children who are candidates for braille reading instruction but who are struggling with the beginning stages of learning letters and sounds.


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