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Building Your Multiple Disabilities Toolkit

Colorful knobs in different shapes on the screen of the mini lite box.

At APH  we specialize in providing accessible products and services for the blind and low vision community; however we also offer a significant number of products and resources that support those who live with multiple disabilities. We’ve compiled a list of products that can be useful to people who are blind and have at least one additional disability.

Symbols and Meaning Kit SAM Components


  • Tactile Connections Kit: An augmentative communication system for learners who are nonverbal and who have multiple disabilities.
  • STACS: Standardized Tactile Augmentative Communication Symbols Kit: Helps learning partners (teachers, parents, peers, etc.) teach a beginning standardized learners who have no means of formal communication.
  • LED Mini-Lite Box: An all-inclusive person-centered learning tool for students who have low vision. Students with CVI and other disabilities can benefit from the Light Box Materials kits and commercially available mounts that can be attached to the LED Mini. Now featuring an energy-efficient LED light panel and a rechargeable lithium battery pack!
  • Mini-Ledge Box Ledge Set: Slides into place and helps support bulkier light box materials (Swirly Mats, Bright Shapes Knob Puzzles, etc.) when a learner uses/views the Mini-Lite Box at an angle.
  • Expandable Calendar Boxes: These boxes help nonverbal students with multiple disabilities learn what is going to happen next in their day.
  • Joy Player: Allows individuals who are developing fine motor skills, have limited mobility, or a cognitive disability, in addition to a visual impairment to access music and audio books.

Joy Player displayed at an angle laying flat on a surface


  • Joy Player Cartridge Holder: Free on the APH Tactile Graphics Image Library (TGIL) and available in two versions; one that slides in and one that screws in.
  • Spangle Tangle: Play and Explore Kit: Improve visual and tactile attention, communication, and creativity! Through specially designed activities, learners develop motor, problem-solving, cognitive, self-care, social, and pre-braille skills.
  • Select Switch: A battery-powered switch with function control features that enable disabled individuals to communicate and control battery-operated appliances, toys, and devices.
  • Swirly Mat Sets: Durable, non-toxic Swirly Mats can be used alone or with APH’s Light Box. All mats can be used for locating, tracking, color discrimination, and more!
  • InvisiBoard: Make visual clutter disappear for students with Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI) by using the white or black side of the InvisiBoard.
  • Rib-It-Ball: Rib-it-Balls are easy to grab and have high contrast ribbing. Crinkly fabric in the ribs adds an auditory component.
  • Light Box Materials Level I: This set of materials for use with APH’s Light Box or Mini-Lite Box helps teach basic visual skills, eye-hand coordination, and simple matching skills.
  • Light Box Materials Level II: This extensive set of materials for use with APH’s Light Box or Mini-Lite Box helps in teaching such visual skills such as matching and identification, sequencing, and visual memory.
  • Bright Shapes Knob Puzzles: Learn about colors and shapes with this interactive puzzle set.

Bright Shapes Puzzle Knobs Frames with knobs inserted

  • Jumbo Work-Play Tray: This large-size tray goes on the floor and provides learners who have low vision and significant challenges with a space and an area in which they can play, explore, and learn independently.


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