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8 STEM Products for Inclusive Classrooms

We’re celebrating National STEM Day by sharing some of our favorite STEM classroom tools with you. From protein synthesis to planetary exploration, let’s make sure all students have equal access to the STEM products!

Snap Circuits Jr. Access Kit– Grand Prize winner of the 2019 Seriously STEM Award, the Snap Circuits Jr. Access Kit is an inclusive way to teach basic electronics concepts in the classroom. Already have Snap Circuits Jr. but want to make it accessible? We also sell the add on Access Pack!

Sense of Science: Astronomy– The third module in the Sense of Science series is designed to make the world of astronomy accessible, understandable, and enjoyable for a broad range of ages and grade levels.

DNA Twist– DNA Twist is a model that demonstrates the structure of the DNA molecule in a way that is accessible to visually impaired students.

DNA-RNA Kit– An accessible, interactive model that demonstrates the formation of single and double strands of DNA, DNA replication, and transcription of DNA to messenger RNA.

Protein Synthesis Kit– An accessible, interactive model that allows students to decode a strand of messenger RNA with the genetic code and create transfer RNA molecules that bring amino acids in the correct order to form a protein.

Basic Science Tactile Graphics– Drawings depict objects, concepts, and relationships that are covered in nearly all elementary science textbooks. Instructional hints and suggestions are given for each tactile drawing.

Life Science Tactile Graphics– Depicts organisms, processes, concepts, and patterns that are typically covered in middle and high school life science courses.

Earth Science Tactile Graphics– Depicts processes, concepts, and structures typically covered in middle and high school Earth Science courses


Coming soon: Code Jumper– An accessible way for students to learn basic computer coding and programming skills through a unique, physical system.


You can celebrate STEM everyday with these products in the classroom! You can find more STEM products and more at aph.org/shop/

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