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All About the All-in-One Boards

The corner of the velcro side of an All-in-One Board decorated with an array of colorful tactile shapes. There is also an assortment of tactile shapes scattered in front of the All-in-One Board.

APH’s All-in-One Boards—large and small—provide two commonplace working surfaces that can accommodate a variety of learning and recreational activities. These activities can be supported with the use of magnetic-backed and hook-backed pieces borrowed from many other APH products. Don’t hesitate to mix and match products to maximize the potential impact of the All-in-One Boards on student learning! Here is a starter list of items that you can consider using in combination with your All-in-One Board.

Products with hook-backed pieces

  • Tactile Town: 3-D O&M Kit includes a variety of hook-backed pieces that can be used for mapping activities.
  • Picture Maker Kit and related Picture Maker Accessory Packages (Textured Strips and Geometric Textured Shapes) include hook-backed shapes and strips in a variety of colors, sizes, and textures.
  • Match-It-Up Frames, Large Set and Small Set, include black and yellow sorting frames that can be used for a myriad of learning activities and games (e.g., matching, sorting, patterning).
  • Web Chase includes “prey” game pieces in a variety of shapes and textures that can be used apart from the board game to create or embellish other tactile learning activities, maps, counting tasks, and more.

Products with magnetic-backed pieces

  • Textured Sorting Circles and Shapes provides an assortment of magnetic-backed pieces in a variety of shapes differing in color, size, and texture.
  • Tactile Tangrams includes magnetic-backed tangram puzzle pieces that can be placed within raised-line puzzle frames secured to a metal surface.
  • All Aboard! The Sight Word Activity Express includes numerous magnetic-backed print and braille word tiles that can be used to build word walls, create word games, and more. Don’t overlook the magnetic strips that can be used to create simple grids and charts.
  • Tactile Algebra Tiles includes colorful and tactile magnetic tiles that can be used to make algebra accessible.

Outside-the-box ideas

  • Consider applying hook-backed material or tabs to the underside of some learning tools (e.g., spinner, abacus) to stabilize them on the All-In-One Board. This will make it easier for students to see, reach, and manipulate.

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