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Building Your Low Vision Toolkit

A hand reaches for the MATT Connect V2.1 tablet, which is displaying the APH logo.

Magnification, high contrast, and adjustable lighting are the keys to success in education and daily living for students who have low vision. Turn your worldview from blurry to clear with this list of popular products for low vision accessibility.



  • The MATT Connect V2.1 (Magnifier and Tablet Together)  is a compact all-in-one magnifier, distance viewer, and educational Android tablet. This powerful device allows students to magnify a print document, conduct research, write and email assignments, and much more. This updated version of the first-generation MATT Connect includes an Android 12 tablet. Already have a MATT Connect? Get the upgraded tablet.
  • Jupiter Portable Magnifier is a sleek and compact device that helps users of all ages see the world in high definition. Whether it’s in the classroom, workplace, or at home – this powerful magnifier allows you to continue those activities that bring joy to everyday life, while exploring new opportunities for lifelong education.

close up of a student using Jupiter to magnify their school work

  • Video Mag HD provides crystal-clear, full-color images by magnifying whatever appears under its auto-focus HD camera from 2x to 13x. Compact and easy to hold, it is ideal for viewing labels, price tags, receipts, and more.
  • Juno: Magnify on-the-go with this powerful, 7-inch LCD touchscreen handheld video magnifier with Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

Juno magnifying text with white font and red background


Access Technology

  • ZoomText Annual Student License for students with low vision can enlarge and enhance everything on their computer screen. ZoomText also echoes your typing and essential program activity and automatically reads documents, web pages, and email.
  • JAWS Annual Student License for students who are blind and visually impaired can easily navigate, read and write documents, and create presentations from their school PC, remote desktop, or from home. JAWS provides speech and braille output for the most popular computer applications. This software is also helpful for the working adult, at home or in the office.



  • Barraga Visual Efficiency Program (BVEP) evaluates the visual efficiency of, and provides available methods of instruction for, students with low vision who have ocular impairments and who have achieved cognitive developmental skills at or beyond the 3-year-old level.

Barraga Perpetual Skills Evaluation book


APH Press Books


Other Low Vision Resources

  • UltraLens Filters: Our selection of topaz and yellow UltraLens filters reduce glare and filter the amount of indoor/outdoor blue light exposure from computer screens, overhead lights, fluorescent lights, and the outdoors. Made in various sizes for infants, children, and adults, these lenses help to provide a more comfortable viewing experience by enhancing contrast and reducing eye strain and fatigue. See which UltraLens filters are best for you or your student.

a variety of sizes of topaz filters

  • LED Light Box: Recommended for all ages, our  LED Light Box and accompanying materials help utilize students’ residual vision to track, scan, and develop eye-hand coordination, visual discrimination, and visual perceptual skills.
  • LED Mini-Lite Box: Now featuring an energy-efficient LED light panel and a rechargeable lithium battery pack! The LED Mini-Lite Box is an all-inclusive person-centered learning tool for students who are visually impaired. Students with CVI and other disabilities can benefit from the Light Box Materials kits and commercially available mounts that can be attached to the LED Mini.
  • Ledge Sets for the Large Light Box and LED Mini-Lite Box: The ledges slide into place and help support bulkier light box materials (Swirly Mats, Bright Shapes Knob Puzzles, etc.) when a learner uses either light box at an angle. The accompanying Dycem® is a translucent mat that clings to the Ledge or the Light Box or Mini-Lite Box lens, enabling light box materials to stick to the surface of the Dycem when viewing either light box at an angle. See all of our ledge sets.

a hand setting the Dycem on the Light Box

  • All-in-One Board: This multi-platform All-in-One Board (use as hook and loop, white board, or magnetic board), is easily positioned in multiple angles and can be used in the classroom for learning activities with students of all ages,  in combination with hook fastener accessories, dry erase markers, and magnetic pieces.
  • ReadWrite Stand: Positioned at one’s preferred angle, this stand helps large print readers to compose and interact with written materials.
  • Accessible Textbooks: Looking for Accessible Textbooks? From our catalog of large print and digital downloads to custom textbook orders, we’ve got you covered. Search for available titles or make a request today!
  • Increasing Complexity CVI Pegboard: Meet your child’s color, lighting, movement, and complexity needs by creating low to high complexity background templates and peg activities on the Increasing Complexity CVI Pegboard.

IIncreasing Complexity Pegboard Kit Components


Peruse our full catalog of low vision, visual efficiency, and CVI products for more tools for you and your students.

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