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Flip-Over Concept Books: TEXTURES

Flip-Over Concept Books: TEXTURES (1-08829-00) is one of several books in this popular APH book series that allows a young child to learn basic concepts and develop important tactile skills using an interactive, fun platform.


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Catalog Number: 1-08829-00

Product Description

The specific goal of TEXTURES is for the child to find three adjacent panels that are embossed with the same textured pattern. An assortment of textured vinyl panels is provided that the instructor can select from to build a unique TEXTURE flip-over book. Each texture appears as red, blue, and yellow panels to provide visual interest for dual readers and sighted peers. Some panels are duplicated in soft flocked styrene to encourage the child to discriminate between subtle textural differences. Textures include the following and those with an asterisk (*) are duplicated in flocked styrene:

  • Smooth * (Note: Additional smooth panels are provided to serve as blank panels for affixing textures of the instructor’s choice.)
  • Diagonal striped *
  • Rough
  • Bumpy
  • Vertical striped*
  • Coarse *
  • Scalloped
  • Wavy *
  • Suction-cup *
  • Shingled *
  • Flat disks*
  • Dimpled
  • Grid
  • Bold dots (mixture of large and small)
  • Bold dots with dotted lines

Note: This book utilizes a special binding that opens and closes easily to allow the instructor to randomize and shuffle the panels within each stack to prevent the child from memorizing the exact location of a panel. The instructor can also minimize the number of images presented in the book, if needed, for a younger child.

Flip-Over Concept Books: TEXTURES can be used to encourage development of the following concepts and skills:

  • Active tactile exploration of a variety of textures
  • Discrimination of diverse and interesting textures
  • Pairing textures with real-life equivalents
  • Understanding texture-related terminology—e.g., soft, rough, bumpy, smooth
  • Familiarity with common textures used as fill patterns in tactile maps and displays

Flip-Over Concept Books: TEXTURES also includes a Reader’s Guide in both print and braille.