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Building Your Fine Arts Toolkit

Various art supplies spread out across the floor including paint, crayons, raised line coloring pages, and TactileDoodle.

We believe art is for everyone! Students and adults who are blind or low vision should not be denied the enjoyment and firsthand experience of creating art. We have a plethora of accessible tools and materials available that accommodate open-ended self-expression. Art experiences enhance other learning goals as well, including the development of fine motor/hand skills, the honing of tactile skills (e.g., texture discrimination, line tracking, shape identification), and the nurturing of self-esteem. Here are some product options to consider for use with your students and by adults:

Braille Beads APH Starter Kit

Carousel of Textures Corrugated sheets from Feel 'n Peel Sheets

student coloring a Paint by Number Safari coloring page

  • Paint Pot Palette – a set of custom-made, whimsical raised-line coloring pages. The kit includes paint pots, paintbrushes, and watercolor paints, as well as other accessories.
  • Picture Maker: Wheatley Tactile Diagramming Kit and related accessory kits (Picture Maker Geometric Textured Shapes and Picture Maker Textured Strips) – a wide variety of hook-material-backed shapes and strips that can be used in combination with a felt board for creating open-ended art designs.
  • Quick-Draw Paper – expandable “sponge” sheets that can be drawn on with water-based markers. Drawn lines or shapes will immediately swell and become tactile.
  • TactileDoodle – a kid-friendly drawing board that can be used to generate tactile, raised-line graphics on included Tactile Drawing Film. A short, easy-to-grasp drawing stylus is also provided.

green tactile doodle frame, back body, white lines showing the tactile drawing of an animal. a hand holds the stylus. The image is a tracing.

Tactile Graphic Line Slate and Stylus


Don’t allow your students or adults to be timid, modest artists! Encourage them to enter their personal art creations into APH’s annual InSights Art Competition. For more information, go to​


For more APH products that may fit your students’ art-related activities, visit our website at or contact us at (800) 223-1839.


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