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Building Your Braille Literacy Toolkit

Reading and writing are the foundations of a successful education and lifelong learning. Finding the right tools for each student’s needs is important – that’s why we’ve put together this list of some of our most popular braille literacy products and resources.


  • Braille Trail Reader LE – The Braille Trail Reader LE is a customized, limited edition version of HumanWare’s Brailliant™ BI 14 braille display, developed exclusively for teachers and students. The proprietary Braille Trail Reader File Transfer Windows® App enables teachers to easily read and transfer files to and from their students’ Reader. https://www.aph.org/product/braille-trail-reader-le/

Kid's hands in braille trail reader

  • BrailleBuzz – an instructional toy for young braille learners ages two to five. It encourages practice with braille characters and phonics, similar to a variety of audio-based toys that teach print writing. BrailleBuzz resembles a cartoon bumblebee, encouraging little ones with audio feedback. https://www.aph.org/product/braille-buzz/

boy smiling with Braille Buzz


  • APH Light Touch Brailler – An updated classic! This manual brailler keeps the durability, reliability, and the ability to braille wide paper, while also adding several new features to the classic Perkins Brailler, including 1/3 less pressure required to depress keys. https://www.aph.org/product/aph-light-touch-brailler/


BOP Pre K Teacher Kit Teachers Manual Vol 1-6 stack

  • BOP (Building on Patterns) Kindergarten – 2nd Grade – BOP is a systematic, comprehensive, and balanced literacy program designed to teach young children (through second grade) with visual impairments to read and write using braille. More information about each grade kit, and ordering, can be found at https://aphbop.org/


  • Textbooks – Did you know if you place an order for textbooks before September 30, you can use this year’s quota funds to pay for them, even if the books are delivered to you after that date? We are currently accepting orders for digital, large print and braille textbooks. We have immediate production capacity for your textbooks, so place your orders now! https://www.aph.org/educational-resources/accessible-textbooks/


All these products and more can be found at our website shop.aph.org

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